Dollshe Hound V2

Name: Nikopol Rephaim
Customization: faceup by Luts, otherwise stock
Race: Nephilim, a son of a fallen angel and a mortal woman. The nephilim are intensely beautiful, powerful and gigantic creatures. Damned from their very creation in sin, the nephilim are exiled from heaven and hell. They are forced to wander the earth until the end of time, waiting the final judgment day.
Age: born around 2,500 BC
Location: Currently haunting Our Lady of the Angels Monastery
Likes: beauty and frailty, grace, dark powers and protecting the things he loves
Dislikes: Nikopol is very much at odds with himself and his demon nature. He despises his immortality. He also dislikes his brother (as well as those like him) who violently lust for power, destruction and human flesh.
Relationships: Brother, Voltaire Abraxas
In love with a mortal girl, Satie Tzara